Mindful Movement

Feel better…release tension and pain…move with ease…balance mind and body.

Inspired by the Somatics work of Thomas Hanna and trauma-informed mindful movement work of Peter Levine, Sarah’s independent weekly Floor Flow Yoga classes are very slow, conscious practices designed to unpattern tension in the body and mind. Many of these movements are done lying on the floor and no experience is needed. Sarah also offers bespoke chair-based mindful movement sessions which are fully accessible.

We can get physically, mentally and emotionally stuck in our responses to stress, so we need to unpattern the tension to release anxiety and chronic pain and find more ease and balance. When we slow down and move with awareness, the mind and body can heal and restore ease and fluidity.

Learning to become embodied is a process where our state of being experiences form in a way that may never have existed for us before – and because it’s new, it can feel unfamiliar and strange at first. We are all capable of this, and do it with support through faith, courage, curiosity, patience, kindness and conscious presence.

In a mindful movement or Floor Flow practice we can pendulate back and forth between active embodiment and rest, so that we may gradually engage with our areas of discomfort, developing our window of tolerance at a gentle and sustainable pace, allowing for a gradual release of tension and a more spacious life experience.

Please get in touch via the contacts page for more information or to discuss your needs.

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