‘I have been attending Sarah’s classes for a year now, both face to face and, since lockdown, virtually via Zoom. I was completely new to yoga and was quite intimidated by the thought of joining a new class, however this was diminished as soon as I met Sarah! Sarah has a manner that makes you feel completely at ease and her enthusiasm for inclusivity shines through. The classes are very relaxed and allow you to participate at a level suitable for you. Sarah explains each move you are about to undertake and the reasoning and benefits behind it. Yoga with Sarah has helped improve both my mental and physical wellbeing and has become part of my personal wellbeing journey. I fully recommend Sarah and Embody Yoga to anyone who is either completely new to it or has been practicing for a while. Come and join us!’ – Kim

‘The idea of being in a class full of women, staring at the old bloke in the corner, put me off doing yoga for years but that just shows how you should ignore your prejudices! In the year I have been attending Sarah’s classes, both in situ and online, I have gained enormously from her calm, methodical and insightful teaching methods. Sarah’s instructions and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow, her classes flow easily from exercise to exercise in well-constructed lessons focusing on every area of the body. Exercises can be demanding, but are differentiated by different difficulty levels for each pose so that students are never expected to do more than they feel comfortable with, while being given the opportunity to push themselves if they wish. As well as the physical improvement I have noticed over the year, I have also become aware of the wonderful feeling of relaxation I feel following the classes. A stress-free moment in a hectic world. Starting classes with Sarah has been one of my better decisions of recent times’ – Roy

‘Sarah’s yoga classes have been so beneficial for my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. It is such an inclusive, friendly class, and she caters for everyone regardless of ability. It is all about one’s own personal experience. I would recommend her classes without hesitation to both men and women of all ages’ – Lin

‘I find Sarah’s classes gentle and informative, the main benefit for me being relaxation. Sarah has a great deal of knowledge about the body’s systems which she weaves into the physical part of the classes. Sarah is down to earth in her teachings and I would definitely recommend these classes’ – Laura

‘Sarah is a very thoughtful and helpful practitioner who has enabled me to find the right kind of yoga for my particular needs. Since attending regular sessions of Somatic yoga, I have noticed a massive improvement in my painful hip, which has made my life so much easier. Her gentle, informal style has allowed me to focus much more on my individual physical reactions to the exercises she teaches us, and this has also reawakened my interest in the practice of mindfulness. This has been helpful on so many levels, particularly in my growing recognition of the need to take more time to relax and practice self care. Sarah is someone who encourages open, honest feedback about the classes and she has an enormously kind and compassionate heart, being very sensitive to the needs of all the individuals attending class. This has promoted a culture of warmth, caring and a sense of shared community and experience within the group, which is invaluable and makes the classes so much more enjoyable’ – Lindsay

‘Sarah’s Somatics evening class was recommended to me and I joined in early 2021 and have participated on a weekly basis ever since. It has proved to be a constant source of help to my wellbeing and overall body fitness. It suited me well due to the fact that that it is practiced in the most part lying down. I was suffering from physical stress symptoms in my lower back area and after two weeks of Somatics these symptoms eased then eventually disappeared. I was amazed and very happy. What I personally get out of these Somatics classes is a deep relaxing experience that helps my mind and body. Mix this together with friendships formed with members of the group and what you get in return is a friendly and supportive online community. The fact that Sarah can make this happen online via Zoom is amazing really and I think this is testament to Sarah’s easygoing and professional instructive delivery’ – Spencer

I started doing Sarah’s Somatics yoga class a year ago after seeing information online saying that it was very gentle and good for helping with stress and anxiety. I was worried, as I have chronic fatigue, whether I’d be able to manage the class. I have found the class so helpful in reducing my stress and anxiety levels without over-exerting myself and triggering my fatigue. Sarah explains the movements well and also the effects on the brain and the nervous system. Her approach is warm, non-judgmental and supportive. I look forward to this class every week and it really relaxes me and leaves me calm and tension-free’ – Vix

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