“The more human the call, the deeper the response.” Kazuko Okakura

Sarah is a dynamic, passionate and creative teacher who brings a fresh perspective to yoga. Drawing on a variety of influences including the traditions of Karma and Hatha yoga, Japanese Zen practices, Buddhist traditions and contemporary functional movement, she creates a safe space for students to come together in community and explore, create and develop self-awareness and enhanced quality of life through an embodied modern postural yoga practice.

Sarah’s classes are fun and inclusive, and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. She connects deeply with each individual student, supporting and encouraging them to embrace their unique abilities and to develop a yoga practice that is meaningful to them. Sarah focuses on teaching that yoga is about more than just asana, or physical postures – it is a way for us to get in touch with our daily experience of the world and process our feelings, thoughts and sensations to lead fuller, happier and more rewarding lives.

Sarah trained as an RYT250 yoga teacher at the Contemporary School of Yoga and continues to learn from both her teachers and her students that there are endless creative, healing possibilities available to us through yoga and that a regular yoga practice can benefit everybody. She runs regular classes in the community and also teaches in-house to corporate clients, at various wellbeing events, workshops and on a one-to-one basis. For more information, contact Sarah here.

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